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Cerec Crowns

These crowns are made with CAD/CAM technology, a digital scanner that creates the crown in the office instead of ordering one from a dental lab. At Hendricks Family Dentistry, the dentist will take digital impressions of your teeth, and the machine will design your personalized restoration right then! Once the crown is designed, the dentist will use it to create your new tooth right then and there. You won’t have to wear a temporary one or wait a week to get your permanent crown back

Are You a Candidate for CEREC Crowns?

The dentist will use an intraoral camera to capture images of your teeth, along with impressions and measurements, to determine your candidacy for CEREC. If you are a potential candidate, the dentist will design a customized restoration for your unique smile. They will then use a particular milling unit to create a precise restoration from a solid block of ceramic material. Your dentist will place the restoration in your mouth during your appointment, and you will leave our office with your beautiful new smile!

Hendricks Family Dentistry
Hendricks Family Dentistry

How Is a CEREC Crown Made?

A CEREC crown is custom-made using a digital impression and computer-aided design system. First, the dentist will administer a local anesthetic to numb the gums and prevent any pain or discomfort during the procedure. The dentist will then use a unique scanning wand to capture a digital impression of the teeth. This scan is sent to a computer using CAD/CAM software to plan and design a perfectly sized crown, shaped and color-matched to the patient’s smile. When the permanent restoration is ready, it will be placed over the tooth and secured with strong dental cement. Patients can care for their new CEREC crowns with regular brushing, flossing, and occasional professional cleaning.

The Advantages of CEREC Crowns


A CEREC crown can be designed and placed on the same day, while a traditional crown typically takes two appointments and several subsequent weeks to complete.


No messy impression materials are used with a CEREC crown. Instead, a 3D scan of the inside of your mouth provides a digital template for your restoration that eliminates the need for physical impressions.


CEREC crowns are more durable than other restorations thanks to their all-ceramic construction that won’t fracture or break as porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns can. CEREC crowns can last for over 20 years when cared for properly.

Hendricks Family Dentistry

Say goodbye to waiting weeks for care. With CEREC technology, you can even receive your restorations in a single visit. For the best dental care tailored to your particular needs, visit Hendricks Family Dentistry at 4181 Center Road, Brunswick, OH 44212, or call (330) 460-4264.

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